I want to purchase an item but I'm not sure what size I should choose.

To help you decide which size works best for you, we’ve included a size chart on every product page. It is located right below the size selections for each item. If you have additional questions about sizing, please feel free to contact me (Stephanie) and we will work it out.

My body size is quite particular. Do you make custom made clothing?

Bodies come in all different shapes and sizes. That's part of what makes each of us unique. Yes, I will make any active or beachwear specifically for you if you feel the "conventional" sizes do not apply to you. They price might change -or not- depending on what I need to do. Just contact me through my email angelkissbeachwear@gmail.com or any of my social media channels. 

Will leggings shrink in the dryer?

No, but it will loose the elasticity with time, therefore is not recommendable.

Can leggings help me loose weight?

No, there are no  magic piece of cloth that will help you with that...the only solution is eating healthy and do exercise...but you already knew that. However, our leggings will make you tighter, no doubt about it. The way our fabric is made (recycle plastic), it  keeps everything tight making you feel more secure. At the same time, the fabric is extremely soft.

Do your leggings dry fast?

Yes they do, just hang them once you wash them. Even they will dry on yourself after a few minutes after you stop making exercise.  

Do all your leggings have pockets?

No, not all models, just check the collection of Leggings with pockets. They are deep enough to store your phone.

Are your legging made in Quebec?

Yes, they are, actually I only buy the recycled plastic fabric in China, bring them to Quebec and then I do the rest myself at my workshop in my house in Drummondville. I design, cut, sew and ship myself.

Leggings where to buy?

Well. you are at the right place. Check our webpage, or our Facebook and Instagram account. You can always use the chat with us button, I answer everything personally.

Why are leggings are so popular?

Well, I believe it has to do with the versatility. Nowadays, we can use them to go to the Gym, Office, a night out or simply at home. It depends how you use them and with what you pair them.  

Will leggings keep me warm?

Sometimes all we want to wear come wintertime are cozy, comfortable leggings. But many can be slightly too thin to withstand the frigid temps and blistering wind. At best, even under a pair of jeans they can serve as an extra layer to keep you warm.

What is Angel Kiss's return policy?

If you are not completely satisfied with your Angel Kiss purchase, you are welcome to return it within 30 days post-reception via mail. Returned items must be unworn, unaltered with the hang tags still attached. Please note that this policy does not apply to sale and clearance items.

Machine wash in cold water
Do not bleach
Hang to dry
Do not iron 
Do not dry clean

I live close by your factory, can I pick what I order myself?

Yes. just gives me a heads up to check if your order is ready.

How can I get in contact with you?

You can use the Help button on this very same website. Otherwise through our official email: angelkissbeachwear@gmail.com or through our social media: Facebook, Instagram or even TikTok... yes I love to have fun on TikTok too. 

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