We The Women

  • What is a World Cup? Soccer or Football?

    What is a World Cup? How does it work? Should I call it Soccer or Football?
  • Sexuality in my 40's

    I know a lot of people are shy in regards to this subject, I know it because I am one of them.  I don't consider myself extremely experienced in th...
  • A crash course of "Fortnite" for Moms.

    Do your kids play Fortnite? well, mine do. So here I am trying to help you understand what the fuss is all about it. Is it good, is it bad, how does it work. It is violent, should I let my kids play? This is my experience with the game.

  • Our (impossible) Standard of Beauty

    Not happy with your body? Why? Who are we trying to please? Who are we trying to impress? Want to change? Then do it. But for the right reasons.
  • Women and Social Media

    Are you a social media woman.., to some extent you are probably active in one of the 3 main ones, being Facebook, Instagram and TikTok... well, let us see how this affect our lives and the perception of ourselves. Check it out, who knows... you might even feel identified.
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